ALL Locksmith Services, Inc. 
                                            (916) 288-9212

Local, State, Nation Wide One Call Access Security Solutions

ALL Locksmith Services, Inc is linked to an elite group of qualified and licensed professional locksmiths through out the USA and Canada.

Our network is comprised of experienced locksmith and door hardware specialist.

We offer professional, expedient, reliable and cost effective security solutions for any security safe, entry or exit door at all your locations in any major city across the USA. The perfect security solution for muliple location chains and stores.

Time saving solutions specifically tailored for owners of local stores to the largest corporate nationwide chain stores.
You can rely on the ability to make one phone call and send a work order to rest assured all your properties are secure.
  • One call gets us acquainted with the issue then simply fax or email estimate or work order request
  • We service all specified residential, commercial and industrial door entry and exit hardware, locks and keys
  • Immediate event reports for assurance the task is addressed and expediently completed
  • Billing to include: invoice(s) for location(s) and one summery statement sent by fax or email for your records
  • Lock and door hardware repair or replacement using code compliant industry standard Grade 1, 2 & 3 products
  • Lock re-key and master key systems for standard, commercial, industrial and high security type locks
  • High Security lock and restricted key preventing unauthorized duplication
  • Electronic access and exit hardware installation and service
  • Priority service for immediate onsite emergency solutions

All contractors are background investigated for licensing, time in business and affiliations to reputable organizations.
Our proven team insures consistent professional locksmith services furnishing quality lock and door hardware products.
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